About Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is one of the most horrific traumas a person can suffer through. And it happens far too often. Each year, more than 207,000 men and women report being sexually assaulted – and that does not account for crimes that go unreported. Far too often, sexual assault is kept a secret amid feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment. The real number of assaults is much higher.

Yet, in most cases, perpetrators of sexual assault will never face criminal charges. But that does not mean you have no legal options. The civil court system can help sexual assault victims get the justice they deserve.

Jessica Pride pursues cases in civil court to seek justice on behalf of victims to help them put this behind them and go on with their lives. Contact Jessica today at (619) 995-6829 to learn about your legal options if you or a loved one has been the victim of a sexual assault.

How It Happens

Sexual assault happens in many forms to all kinds of people. Likewise, the people who commit these acts do not fit a single description. In many cases, people are assaulted by someone they know — and sometimes someone they love.

Regardless of the relationship between victim and perpetrator, instigating unwanted sexual activity without consent is a crime. Here are some things that don’t change the fact that non-consensual sexual activity is always sexual assault:

  • The gender of yourself and the perpetrator.
  • Whether or not you knew the person before the incident.
  • Whether the other person is your spouse, boss or even a relative.
  • How much you had to drink. An intoxicated person cannot legally give consent for sexual activity.
  • What you were wearing. You didn’t “have it coming” because of your appearance. No one deserves to be violated in such a way.
  • Your sexual history.

If sexual activity occurred without your consent, it is sexual assault. And if it happens to you, you need to get help.

Who’s to Blame?

If the criminal justice system fails to hold the person who assaulted you accountable, or even if your case is making its way through the criminal courts, the civil court system can help. The person who violated you — and any other person or institution that helped enable the attack — should be held financially responsible. You didn’t have to be put through this, and those responsible should have to pay. Jessica Pride understands the pain you’re going through and has helped others like you become survivors.

Who Can Be Held Responsible?

Jessica will make sure whoever did this to you recognizes the pain you suffered, even if they are able to avoid jail time. Other parties can also be held accountable in court. Examples include:

  • Property owners who are aware of unsafe conditions or dangerous persons on their property, but take no action.
  • Companies that employ supervisors who pressure employees into unwanted sexual encounters.
  • Parents who host a party where they watch underage drinking occur and an intoxicated teen is raped.

Reach Out

Let Jessica Pride help you get justice. Contact us today to speak with her privately and without obligation. It’s time for you to get your power back.